22th January, 2020

Boon’s Pottery was founded by Master Potter Chuan Siang Boon in 1998 as he left his corporate job and embarked on the journey to follow his dreams. Over the years, Boon’s Pottery has grown from a one-man team to a group of passionate ceramic artists and instructors, featuring both local masterpieces as well as masterpieces from foreign visiting potters. Many of Boon’s masterpieces have been sold worldwide and some were chosen as state gifts for foreign officials. The team at Boon’s Pottery offers students exposure to different styles and techniques and is a good place to learn the art of pottery.

11th September, 2019

Waiting in Paris … Or, ourselves, waiting for the wonder offered by Paris? It seems that everything has been said about this magical and dreamlike city, known to all, this city celebrated by the Impressionists, Marquet and Utrillo! Nevertheless, Muriel Rousseau manages to express by new colors and artistic techniques her lyrical vision of Paris, through its windows on the roofs and attics of the city. She recounts in her paintings her Paris, intimately linked to her personal narrative and offers radiance and light, an enchanted mirror of an eternal place. What is the recipe for happiness? Many will say that money and glory are the pillars. But in Paris, you just have to open your window big, just as Muriel did for our greatest happiness.

在巴黎等…,或者我们自己,在等待巴黎提供的奇迹? 似乎所有关于这座神奇而梦幻般的城市的言论都已被提及,这是众所周知的印象派,马奎特和乌特里洛庆祝的这座城市! 然而,穆里尔·卢梭(Muriel Rousseau)设法通过其新的色彩和艺术技巧,通过其在城市屋顶和阁楼上的窗户,表达了对巴黎的抒情观。 她在自己的画作中叙述了巴黎,这与她的个人叙事有着密切的联系,并提供光辉与光明,这是一个永恒之地的迷人镜子。 幸福的秘诀是什么? 许多人会说,金钱和荣耀是支柱。 但是在巴黎,您只需要大开窗户,就像穆里尔(Muriel)为我们最大的幸福所做的那样。