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Muriel Rousseau

Experience Art Space is introducing a 13th generation Parisian, Muriel Rousseau with her masterpieces from the series “Histoires de Paris, Paris en attendant” (Parisian Stories, Paris while waiting …) and “Tous a la cuisine” (All to Kitchen).

Her aspiration is to make art available to all, wearable art, from which modern everyday objects are redesigned with her artwork.

All outfits are digitally printed with her original artwork in a very limited edition of 5 pieces.

体验艺术空间(Experience Art Space)推出了第13代巴黎人穆里尔·卢梭(Muriel Rousseau),她的杰作来自系列作品“巴黎的历史,陪同巴黎的人”(巴黎故事,等待中的巴黎)和“ Tous a la Cuisine”(全部归厨房)。