Lourdes Cortell

Lourdes is an emerging artist who was born in Valencia – a beautiful town in the east cost of Spain.

Since I was little I showed my enthusiasm and passion for art, however I was born in a period of dictatorship in my country where it was not easy to study fine arts, it was an era in which it was considered that this world only belonged to bohemians and hippies. It was a time when the woman had no voice or vote. However I never gave up and I didn’t stop drawing, painting anything I liked until today – Lourdes said in one of her interviews.

No matter how much time, enthusiasm or efforts she spends when drawing, she feels that she has created something very personal and unique. The concept of her works is realism/surrealism inspired by personal experiences of people very close to her. She leaves the basis of leaving aside the conventions and being freer.