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    Fabio De Marco

    Fabio was born in Milan in 1979. Very early, when he was 15 since he’s got his first camera photography became his passion. He has lived in Dublin several months during 2009 and was inspired by the breathtaking Irish landscape. Then he decided that he will devote all his time only to photography.

    In 2015 he graduates Italian Institute of Photography (Istituto Italiano di Fotografia) in Milan. From that time photography became a job to him, in which he put his soul. Every single project he executes with passion and heart, showcasing his artistic vision on world, things, beings. Landscape and cityscape prevail among his works. Influence of Ireland ?

    Fabio has been exhibited in :

    • Just details @ Osteria di Lambrate
    • Jazz & White @ Music Festival “Area M”
    • Inside the city, what about me ? – Poetry and pictures of Milan @ Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

    Among Fabio’s customers there are well known companies such as :

    • Osteria di Lambrate.
    • Dedalo Theater.
    • Gedeone Theater.
    • Aereo Gravity Milano.
    • Urban Vision Italy.
    • Tapelessfilm.
    • Anthony’s Pizzeria Restaurant.
    • Avangard agency-agency for actors.
    • Boscarol Factory.
    • Kika Press & Media.
    • Area M Music Festival.
    • Trestudio Hair Stylist.
    • Fisio 432 Medical Center.
    • Bottega Zero Artisanal shop.