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    Cuesta Vila

    Cuesta Vila was born in Valencia in 1967, a city that surrounds him by its light and by the sea and to which he dedicates its main work and his pictorial life.

    His brushes catch as anyone the light reflected by the dunes and the water of the Mediterranean sea, continuing the Valencian tradition of very relevant painters but always contributing that almost magical brushwork that only the love and deep knowledge of the landscape give to the hand of the painter.

    The reflections, the play and the expression of the children, the quiet calm movement of the waves, the soft sand, all of them are the weapons used to transport us on an imaginary journey to the deepest feeling of Valencia. To the dazzling marches and to the warm weather and breeze of August.

    On the other hand, the intimacy of his work allows us to peek into private universes, personal feelings, letting glimpse within his shyness, the strength of his color and the intense vocation of the artist that underlies it.

    His exhibitions are always received with great expectation, the last ones in the Artis and San Vicente galleries in Valencia, and in the Biosca gallery in Madrid they were very successful. As well as its participation in Unicef programs, in collective exhibitions for the benefit of this organization.

    The restless spirit of Cuesta Vila leads him to use the entire color palette in the search for the different values of light depending on the day and time.

    His paintings are always the same and different at the same time, tell us many things about his perception of reality, solitary spaces of sunrises or sunsets, noon of games and fun, or the intimacy of a gesture, make this painter one of the Valencian references of the XXI century.