Boon’s Pottery 文陶坊

Boon’s Pottery is a Singaporean art gallery and studio featuring local ceramic artists as well as collections from visiting ceramic artists around the world. Since 1998, we have always stood as a platform for Singaporean ceramic artists to showcase the works and techniques unique to our local flavour. Today, with a pool of talented instructors and armed with a full studio capable of glazing and firing, we conduct classes to bring the general public closer to the appreciation of fine ceramic arts.

文陶坊是一家新加坡美术馆和工作室,汇集了当地的陶瓷艺术家以及来自世界各地的陶瓷艺术家的作品。 自1998年以来,我们一直作为新加坡陶瓷艺术家的平台,展示我们当地风味独特的作品和技术。 如今,我们拥有一批才华横溢的讲师,并配备了可以进行上釉和烧制的设备齐全的工作室,我们举办的课程使普通大众更加欣赏精美的陶瓷艺术。

Born in 1955, Master Chuan set up a ceramic studio and his personal ceramic art gallery in 1999. During the past 20 years, he has been actively creating art and giving pottery lessons. Many individuals who are now ceramic artists and instructors were students of him. Each year, Mr Chuan participates in exhibitions within Singapore and overseas.

新加坡人,出生于 1955 年,自幼热爱中国文化,尤其是陶瓷文化艺术。 1992 年开始接触陶艺,为申请保护新加坡最后一条柴烧龙窑与之有龙窑文化担当之士共同付出真情的努力。自 1999 年成立文陶坊工作室和画廊以来,一直专注于陶瓷文化艺术必推广、传授和创作,培养了来自世界各地的陶艺澄好者。

His artworks are often collected, used or as state gifts by many private and public organizations.


His pieces elicit elegance and are symbolic of timeless beauty. Boon’s philosophy is unveiled through simple traditional forms that stood the test of time and how “simplicity is the key to life”. Modern glazing techniques integrated with classic forms brings about a sense of youth and eccentricity, something he believes all should strive to keep alive.