Art has always abolished time. It’s what comforts me more.

Jean Claude Michel

zhongshan cuiheng gallery front door corridor

Jean-Claude Michel and Anahit Ayunts welcome you on a unique journey of the senses.

Welcome to Experience Art Space.

Located in DaShiMen Museum in the historical Mecca of China, come and explore a unique and innovative artistic experience.

The interior concept, created by Design-I in the Xiaolan studio, is a versatile and modular space. It can be reconfigured and adapted to host all forms of artistic mediums and events.

Experience Art Space offers access and insight to the creative process. Our aim is to develop strong links between our artists, audiences and the community.

We endeavor to fascinate, tantalize and inspire.


Anahit Ayunts


Shimen Art House, Shimen Road, Cuiheng, Zhongshan, Guangdong.